Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #2

This is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. If you would like to participate then simply follow the link to their blog!

This week's TTT is the top 10 characters I would want with me on a deserted island whether it be for their skills, company or just because I'd need a little eye-candy;)

1. Daemon from the Lux series because... well he's basically a sexy light bulb, right? Plus he's a pretty kick ass fighter!

2. From the same series the next person I would want on a deserted island with me would be Katy. She's a book blogger after all and I just know we'd be fast friends and we could fangirl about books to make us forget the fact that we're living in an episode of Lost.

3. The next one should be pretty self-explanatory; Harry Potter. I mean the boy is a WIZARD, he can either get us the hell off the island OR even better, we can stay on the deserted island and he can use magic to make sure we have food and water and entertainment and whatever else we need. Being stranded on an island doesn't sound too bad most days!

4. Simon because he's so adorably geeky and damn loyal! I just think he'd be the perfect company. He's currently my favourite character in The Mortal Instruments series because he seems to be able to keep a clear head and not whine every two seconds about something mundane.

5. Those of you who know me know I adore everything about fallen angels, I find the myths and stories fascinating so Patch from Hush Hush (book 1) would be the perfect companion. He's sexy as all hell, (get it *snorts*), he's a fallen angel turned guardian angel and I would be able to listen to his stories for hours without tiring once.

6. Emma from Of Poseidon would be an awesome person to be put on a deserted island with. She's a freaking fish! I don't know what she could bring skills wise... but I loved reading about her and her sense of humor is an exact replica of my own. I know we'd get along!

7. Etienne St. Clair. He's a British boy with a French name and I was moping for days after I finished Anna and the French Kiss because he's so damn perfect!! He's just gonna be there to keep my company, I don't think he'd be able to offer much else... I'm too shallow to care *oops*.

8. Oh my oh my, when I read Wicked Games by Jilly Myles I fell in love with Dean Woodall. He'd be good to have around a deserted island for a number of reasons; he competed in a reality TV show... about surviving on a deserted island. He's damn hot and he snuggles so... he's basically all I need for survival wrapped into one gorgeous package.

9. Magnus from The Mortal Instruments series because well... he's damn awesome. I wouldn't mind listening to a Warlock's stories!

10. Last but not least is the lovely Dee Black from the Lux series. So basically, I've now mentioned all the main characters from those books. THEY'RE JUST THAT GOOD.

Okay so most of these people would not physically help me on a deserted island. I went more for the company side of things, but ya know.

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