Review Policy

If you clicked on this page it's likely that you're an author who would like me to consider your book for review; if that's the case then thank you.

Sadly, though, I am currently NOT taking review requests. Before you ask us to review your book please take a look below to see if your book fits into any of those categories. I don't want to waste your time by declining your offer so I'm making it clear what kinds of books we read/prefer.
What to expect in our reviews:
  • Book cover
  • Goodreads summary
  • Selected quotes
  • My thoughts on the book
  • A rating (out of 5)
  • We will also post our reviews to Goodreads, Bloglovin', Twitter, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the Book Depository. If you'd like the review posting elsewhere then tell me!
Genres Read
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy
  • Psychological/ Mental Health
    • Young Adult
    • New Adult
    • Adult (SOMETIMES - it's fairly rare).
      Fiction or Non-Fiction
      • Fiction - but I'm willing to try Non-Fiction if its something I might enjoy reading.

      When you send a review request:
      • If I haven't emailed you back straight away, please don't be insulted. I'm usually very busy working on a lot of stuff. I'll get back to your email ASAP and will let you know if I am interested in the book or if it just doesn't fit in with my schedule. 
      • I will accept all forms of ARCs and review copies (physical or e-copy).
      If I accept your review request:
      • Just because I received the book free of charge does not mean I'll give it a good review. All of my reviews are honest and I will not partake in writing good reviews for compensation.
      • This also does not mean I will get around to reviewing your book. I pick the books I want to read in the order I'd like to read them so it could be a week or a month before I get around to picking your book up. If you'd like the review to be posted in a specific time frame (e.g before the publication date) then please mention that in your email.

      In your email please include:
      (My email:
      • A subject for the email: Review Request: (Name of book(s))
      • Summary of your book
      • A link to your books' Goodreads page
      • *Optional* The date you'd like me to publish a review by.
      • Whether you'd be interested in giving me some content for my blog after I've read your book. (E.g, a giveaway, character interview, exclusive bonus scene(s), author interview etcetc) 

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