Giveaways/Cover Reveals Policy


Dear authors,

I would be happy to host a giveaway for books, book swag or anything else you'd like to give away. All you have to do is email me with this information:

·        Your name
·        Your book's name
·        Publication date
·        Genre (Any sub-genres)
·        Format of book you're giving away (Physical, audio or eBook)
·        Shipping requirements (US, US/CA, International)
·        Run time of giveaway

You'll get a couple of tweets a day which will link to your Twitter page and the giveaway on my blog. There will also an 'About The Author' section of the giveaway where I'll link where people can find you and check out your work.

Email address:

Cover Reveals/Excerpts
I'd also be happy to host authors on my blog whether it be a cover reveal, excerpt or an interview. I'm open to suggestions!

If you're an author and would like to get the word out about you and your books, email me: with this information:

·        Your name
·        Your book's name
·        A synopsis for said book
·        What you'd like to do (interview, cover reveal, excerpts. You can do more than one!)
·        Whether you'd like to do a giveaway as well
·        The date you'd like to be featured

Thank you!

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