Monday, 21 July 2014

Happy Birthday Week to The Page Girls!

Before we get into the wonderful things they have planned for the next five days I just wanted to thank Cecily from The Page Girls for asking me to help her celebrate this event. I've been speaking to her on Twitter and through email, fangirling about books and just generally chatting. She also answered any questions I had about this (which were many) with the patience of a saint. So, without further ado... Let's help The Page Girls celebrate!

Who are The Page Girls?

I'm sure many of you know of this page and all it's fabulousness but for those who haven't had the pleasure; The Page Girls ( is a new online mag with an emphasis on books, cocktails, and female friendships. Each week, they publish a themed issue containing short stories, book reviews, personal and funny essays, videos, cocktail recipes, and more. Some sample issues include The Craziest Thing I Did For Love and LYLAS (Love You Like a Sister).

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From July 21-25, The Page Girls is celebrating its first official “birthday week,” which means a giveaway every day plus other goodies. 

Sounds awesome, right?!

So, let's kick off the week with a giveaway! Remember; the more entries you have the more chance you have of winning some of those awesome prizes. 

  • Do not cheat. I will be checking all of the entries!
  • Please check you're sending the right information, it would suck if you won and I didn't have the right information to contact you.
  • Void where prohibited by law.
  • This giveaway is both international and US only. (Read below!)
The Page Girls have kindly given me 1 eBook copy of Normal is the Watchword and two sets of their very own personalised coasters which look great! The eBook is the first prize and an international giveaway: 

There are days that you can't believe, and then there days that are unbelievable.

Juniper has been on the edge of social circles all her life, skirting the line between being a normal teenage girl and an all-too-aware young adult. Always armed with a camera, Juni expresses herself through her photos, with her current favorite subjects being Carrie, her best friend, and Darius, a mysteriously charming boy on the soccer team.

When she accidentally stumbles across something that wasn't meant to be photographed, her once somewhat normal life is suddenly ripped from her. Now, fitting in with the crowd is a matter of survival.

And when Carrie goes missing, Juni turns to Darius for help. But as they grow closer, a bigger mystery starts to unfold - one involving conspiracy, the paranormal, and an impending war for the souls of everyone she knows.

And the sets of coasters will be given to 2 runner ups but these are only for US residents.

Thank you for reading and good luck!:)

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