Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Meet Bookbridgr

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon this wonderful website even though it's been around for 5ish months. How did I not find this sooner?!

Basically, Bookbridgr is a website where you can request review copies from any of the publishers/authors featured on the website. There are many books there already but I'm hoping more well-known authors will jump on board and Bookbridgr can expand and take over the world.

Bookbridgr is for residents of the UK and Ireland which surprised me because things like this are usually for US residents only or fully international. But yay! When you request a book in physical form they say it'll arrive in or up to 2 weeks but if you request an eBook it'll magically show up on your kindle within 7 days.

I've asked for a couple of physical books and am yet to find out how fast they're delivered. I probably wont ask for eBooks simply because I don't like using my kindle to read - I hate it. I only use iBooks for reading eBooks.

Okay so I'm still trying to understand everything about this website but here's what I know; 
  • When you sign up you have to be approved before you can do anything. I think this is so people don't take advantage of the whole thing - the review copies you request are free (awesome right?) and some people may try to ask for them for no purpose other than getting free books. You're asked for your blog URL and a couple of other things so I guess they need to see you're a legit book reviewer!
  • Once you're approved you can search through all the books on Bookbridgr and request a review copy if you think the synopsis sounds like something you want to try, you'll get an email to say they've got your request and they'll send it in the time I mentioned above. They do say to try and limit the amount of books you request simply because you'll be buying more books than you can physically read. (A problem a lot of us book-lovers have *oops*) You're asked to choose your preferred genres when you sign up and this helps Bookbridgr pick out books you'll enjoy.

  • You can report a review you did of a book on their website by either going to the book and clicking 'Report your blog post!' or on the tabs you can go to '+bridg' and do it that way. 

  • For everything you bridg you can earn gold stars which help show publishers how prolific you are. The stars show up on your very own profile where you also have a counter of all the reviews, q&a's, comps, articles and blog tours you've done.

  • You have your address on your profile so the physical books you request can be sent your way, this worried me because I didn't know that your profile can only be seen by you and the publishers/authors involved with the website. So rest assured - no stalkers are coming your way.
  • You can join blog tours through Bookbridgr.

And I think that's everything! Although it's likely that I've forgotten something...

Before I end this post I just wanted to say; The people who work on the Bookbridgr website (I'm not sure if it's one or many) are lovely. I emailed them a question and they responded quickly and it wasn't the kind of email that looks automated - it looked like an actual person took the time to read my email and write back. So thank you, Ben:)
The website is the same, it feels very friendly and it's just a nice environment!

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