Thursday, 28 August 2014

Life of a Blogger: Fears!

This is a weekly meme hosted by Novel Heartbeat. Each week a new subject is chosen and everyone who wants to can talk about that specific subject whether it be on their own blog or in the comments of someone else's post.

This week the topic is fears!

So my first fear is a majorly common one; spiders. *shudders* I've had this fear forever, I've just never liked spiders. They're gross and their legs are all spindly and long and just writing about them gives me the creeps. A couple of days ago I literally cleared out everything from my room, bar the furniture, because I was having a little spider issue. Because I had so much clutter in my room courtesy of me using my 'floordrobe' more often than my actual wardrobe to put clothes in and various other stuff which didn't need to be in my room, the spiders liked to hide in the stuff and then if I moved something I was constantly terrified that one would crawl out. So guess what? I didn't move anything. BAD MOVE, AMBER. One night I was happily laid on my side watching Maid In Manhattan on my laptop when something touched my arm and crawled. So I leapt out of bed thoroughly freaked out and contemplated going back to bed or going downstairs. I chose to go back to bed because I was tired. So after laying down and snuggling under the covers once again IT HAPPENED. (Yes I am being super dramatic, but I'm allowed to be b/c this was a little traumatising for me okay?!) A spider, not a massive one but still a spider, ran past my face and under the covers. *violent shuddering* So I shot out of bed, grabbed an empty glass from my bed side table and put it over the spider. I then went downstairs for the night and slept on the sofa, loathing the spider for trying to sleep in my bed and vowing to get everything out of my room and to move my bed. My bed used to be in the corner of the room and now it's in the middle. I have seen no spiders since I moved everything out and moved my bed and I am happy.

So yeah, I think my fear of spiders is a full blown phobia. It's my only big fear, the other ones are the usual. Like sometimes I'll think about not wanting to die, or not wanting to die without doing something important or standing on top of a skyscraper building with no way down but to climb the fire escape ladder or whatever. These things are more like momentary fears that I get when I stay up past 1am and my brain is like the fourth of July and all I want to do is sleep.

This subject really interests me so tell me about your fears!

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  1. Bahahaa, oh how I HATE spiders! I loved your story, thanks for sharing :D