Friday, 1 August 2014

An Interview With Jack Eversea

As you may have seen, I read Eversea by Natasha Boyd a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it! After emailing the lovely author, she offered to give me some content for my blog. So, without further ado, here is an interview with Jack Eversea himself!


Interviewer: So, Jack, rumor has it you are … off the market. Is that true?

Jack: Yes.

Interviewer: Would you care to elaborate on that?

Jack: No.

Interviewer: (nervous laughter) Well, uh, despite hearts breaking all over the world with the news, we are very happy for you and uh, Kerry. 

Jack: Keri Ann.  (coughs)

Interviewer: Keri Ann. I’m sorry. Keri Ann (consults notes) Butler.  Will she be Keri Ann Eversea soon?

Jack: I’m sorry, I thought you asked me here to talk about my new movie. 

Interviewer: Oh yes. I did.  But we’re wondering if the birth of the baby will interfere with your current travel schedule to promote the movie. 

Jack: (shifts uncomfortably). Uh, um.  (Smiles charmingly) Hold on, okay?   (Brings out cell phone. Texts furiously. Laughs. Keeps texting).  

Interviewer: Mr. Eversea we’re on a three second delay. That’s as good as live. 

Jack: Can I jump on the couch? 

Interviewer: What?  (looks confused).

Jack:  Well, Kelly. It’s Kelly right? 

Interviewer: Ye-ess. (laughs and gives eyes to camera)

Jack: Well, Kelly, Keri Ann wanted me to tell you that we’re not pregnant currently, but we are trying (looks down at phone and eyes widen) … very vigorously.    (Looks up) Ah, man. My ears just turned pink didn’t they?  

Interviewer: What do you think folks?  Does he blush?   Jack Eversea just got more charming, if that’s possible.  (Laughs delightedly) So after your last movie success, and your Oscar, congratulations by the way,  do you feel good about your current project?

Jack: Kelly, the movie I won an Oscar for was extremely painful for me and probably for the people watching it.  I’m in the entertainment business, not the crying one.   However, it was an amazing honor to win. It also showed me how happy I am behind the camera.  This current project may well be one of my last as one of the cast. 

Interviewer: (gasps). Well, you heard it here folks. Get yourself to Jack Eversea’s latest flick because it maybe the last time you get him all to yourself for two straight hours (clears throat) … or however long movies last these days. 

That interview makes me want to jump into the next book! It's waiting on my shelf and I will read it before summer is up, pinky promise.

You should definitely go and check out Eversea and Forever, Jack. Here are all the links you need:

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