Friday, 8 May 2015

Books That Should Never Be Made Into Movies

There are some books that are far too precious to me, too built in my mind with characters already formed and flawed in perfect ways, that I fear the day they're picked up for movie rights. Experience has taught me that book-to-movie adaptations generally do not live up to the books nor my wild expectations. Some people have even been put off a book because they didn't like the movie and all I can say to that is...

I mean I'm not gonna throw the book at you (although I am notorious for book pushing. Just ask Nicole) but do not judge a book based on it's movie. That may be worse than judging books by their covers. If you don't like the movie for a book, please OH PLEASE read the book. If you still hate the story, then that's cool too.

Shatter Me series - The internal dialogue in these three books wouldn't be translated well on screen and, in my opinion, that was the best thing about the story and it contributed a ton to developing Juliette as a character. We not only got to see her physically become stronger but we also had an insight in to her mind. Anyone can look brave on the outside but having those thoughts and feelings straight from Juliette's heart and mind was something else entirely. Plus I have perfect castings in my head and whenever book-to-movie adaptations happen NONE of the actors/actresses match the image in my head and that's gonna screw with me for the entire movie.

A Court of Thorns and Roses - The fae world Sarah J. Maas created is far too beautiful for it to be remade on screen. I have no doubts that my imagination of Prythian is ten times more spellbinding than anything any movie could produce. That sounded a little big headed but I mean my imagination is just too far-reaching, too overactive to be confined to whatever a movie would provide. If this fell in to the right hands, it could be incredible on the big screen but that's unlikely. Too many details would be missed out and I know I'd resent the movie for it. This book was too wonderful to mar with a bad movie adaptation.

The Lux series - The romance between these two main characters was such a slow burn that it was so worth it when it finally happened. From experience, I know a movie would rush the whole thing and try to cram all of the sexual tension in to an hour and a half. Lookin' at you, City of Bones.

Marrow and Mud Vein - Tarryn Fisher's books are just too complex, the characters too flawed, to put in to a movie. The inner thoughts of her characters are too hard to translate and put in to a movie, there would just be so much missing. Her books make you think days, weeks, months after you've finished them and that's where they belong; forever in your mind, not on my tv. Her writing is too special to me, it speaks to me in a way no other author has managed before.

Compulsion - The world created here is too in-depth, too detail orientated for screenwriters and producers to do it justice. Also, the paranormal beings are images in my head that I do not want to have changed by bad graphics that are typical in adaptations like this. Would I like to see Barry and Eight immortalized on the big screen? Absolutely, but let's all look at the last gothic romance that was adapted... No thank you. This is also another love story I do not want rushed by someone who wants to cram it in to an hour and a half long movie to generate interest.

And I'm done... I'm sure I could think of more but those are the ones that come to mind right away. What books do you think should stay off the big screen? :)

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  1. I would add The Infernal Devices series because that love between the three main characters can't EVER be captured in the screen between making it an awful, competitive love triangle, which is the opposite of the essence of the story!