Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Morganville: The TV Series Trailer

I can't wait to see how they've adapted the books in this web series. The trailer looks pretty good - the only thing that I'm not sure about is the majority of the castings.

I'm only 4 books in, currently reading the fourth actually, but I'm getting through them fast! By now I have an image in my head of how the characters look and the only one who fits the image in my head is Shane. He's perfect for the role! Claire and Eve are pretty good too. Micheal is okay, I mean that's not how I pictured him exactly but he's still a good match. However, Oliver, Myrnin, Amelie and especially Monica aren't doing it for me. Oliver is said to have a kind sort of face (that's why he's so deceiving) and I didn't get that. Amelie isn't as... I don't know. I pictured her to be more regal and pale and, you know, vampiresque. She's a kickass character in the books but meh. Myrnin... He may be older than I have pictured him in my head. Claire constantly says he looks like a 'young man'. I don't know. And finally... Monica. I swear Monica was all blonde, Barbie-doll-pristine. The girl they've picked is definitely not who I pictured but I do like her attitude. She pulls off the whole queen-bitch thing, huh?

That all being said; I am looking forward to seeing if I'm proven wrong and these castings are good! Rachel Caine and her team have worked really hard on this and I'd hate to see all of that money go to waste especially when so many people pitched in. By the way I still think that's amazing. How so many people can band together to help an entire tv series to be made! YEAH FANDOM POWER.

What do you guys think of the castings? Did you enjoy the books and will you be watching the tv series?

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