Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Book Review: Unexpected Treasure by Melody Anne

Format: Ebook
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The Andersons are back in this exciting new line of the bestselling series everyone is talking about. In this new series, you will meet Richard Storm and his five children, and the circumstances that ripped him away from his brothers, Joseph and George Anderson. See how they finally meet. The bonds of an Anderson bloodline are too strong to keep their family apart forever.

Richard Storm is saddened that his children are throwing away their lives, and offers them an ultimatum. They have two years to take a failing business and make it a success or they lose their trust funds, and are on their own. His stubborn children think he’s gone insane, but they don’t know the powerful secret that can knock them to their knees and tear their family apart. Will they come together as they should, or will self-centeredness consume their hearts, ripping their family apart forever?

Crew Storm opens an exclusive resort in the Catalina Islands off the coast of California, and pride swells within him as he accomplishes the impossible. Everything is going on track until a blond steps into his life and begs him to teach her how to be the perfect seductress after she researches his technique of charming and luring women to his bedroom.

Haley Sutherland is done with her fears, done being a wallflower and done being invisible. She comes up with a brilliant idea to find the perfect person to teach her how to seduce the man she truly wants. Though, the person she’s chosen to be her teacher is Crew Storm, soon she finds she’s forgetting her first love’s name.

This story will take you on a journey through the heart as Crew teaches Haley more than she ever imagined, and finds himself gaining more than he thought he needed.

Reunite with the Andersons as they discover new relatives and meet this new branch in the Anderson line. Will love truly conquer all, or will stubbornness make them lose everything they never knew they had.

The reason these books exist are because of a dream. That dream was recounted to Melody Anne from Cindy Flory and was then used to make the next books of this series. So, I think I owe Cindy Flory a thank you!

At the beginning of this book Haley was shy, indecisive and completely insecure in her own skin due to years of being put down by her grandparents who had no choice but to raise her. After doing the unthinkable and approaching a handsome man with a crazy proposal, Haley is whisked into a whirlwind of seductress lessons, finding her inner woman and unbelievable sex. Lucky her! I even found myself swooning at some of the things Crew would say, sheesh my heart almost went into overdrive.

Crew, pre ultimatum, was entitled, spoiled and just like his brothers and sister, a first class a-hole with money to burn. Two years later, when the book takes place, he is now a man who prides himself on his hard-earned success and all the hard work seems to have humbled him greatly.

I found it easy to like Haley and Crew as characters, Melody Anne did a great job of making them seem real and although their story isn't entirely original (what story is nowadays?!) the circumstances surrounding their relationship's beginning was new for me. I simply adored all of the other characters such as the bartender (whose name has completely left me), Richard Storm and his new-found brothers, George and Joseph. They were all so lovable and I found myself smiling when they all bantered together.

This was a quick, fun read with well-built characters and a lot of reality. I definitely recommend it although I do advise you to be atleast 17 due to this book having quite a bit of sex - I mean come on, it's about a gorgeous, wealthy man giving seductress lessons to an inexperienced woman. There's gonna be some sexual situations! There were no swear words - well none that I can remember anyways.

When I got this eBook it was FREE from iBooks, I'm not sure if that's still the case but you should read it anyway! So... Get reading!

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