Thursday, 15 May 2014

Book Review: Teardrop by Lauren Kate

Format: Hardcover
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Eureka (yes, that's the protagonists name) has closed herself off completely from everyone who she once loved. Ever since her mother died in a freak accident, Eureka has been stoic, depressed and suicidal enough to try and take her own life. She wants to escape but there's someone who is keeping her close, the boy whose watched her grow up, he knows her fears, insecurities, desires and motivations yet the first time she sees him is when he rear ends her car. Little does she know that keeping him around will unlock her destiny. There's just one problem; Eureka's best friend has been possessed by a man willing to kill anyone in his way to annihilating the human world.

Oh the drama in this book.

First of all, when I got given this book I was excited to try it out. The idea of a mystery boy and the myth of Atlantis was all I needed. Whilst there were many amazing things about this book, there's always room for improvement.

It was definitely the prologue that made me read on, you get those books where the story doesn't start until your half way through the damn thing but the prologue was all it took to suck me in. As I said, I liked the plot of this book and the story it followed definitely did not let me down! The cover of this book is another thing I adore. It's incredibly beautiful with its 3D textured title and the girl with a dress of azure water. One of the best covers I've ever seen if I'm honest.
Lauren Kate had a knack for creating such gorgeous, vivid images with her descriptions of the characters and especially the bayou and the environment in which the story was taking place and for that I applaud her.
There were quiet a few loose ends in this story even as I was reaching the last quarter of it but I didn't mind. There were just enough to keep me interested but not so many that I got confused.

Ok, now for the bits I wasn't so thrilled about; the names. My goodness! Props to Kate for thinking up all those names. I mean I understand the Atlanteans having unique names but for the others? Rhoda, Brooks, Madame Blavatsky, Eureka and Ander!? I think the only people in Teardrop with normal names are the twins and Eureka's mum.
Another thing about the characters that I didn't like was the lack of development from any of the characters unless you count Brooks' infuriating mood swings which were harder to keep up with than Usain Bolt in a hundred meter sprint!
Next is that although Eureka hates when anyone reminds her of her mother's death or the circumstances around it etc, she constantly wants to drown stuff... To me, if my mother had died due to drowning I don't think I'd wish it upon everything I hated. It just seemed a little strange and contradictory.
Last of all is the total lack of connection I felt between me and the protagonist. I just couldn't relate to her no matter how much I tried, nor could I with any of the other characters. I love the guys who make me melt just reading about them but Ander didn't do that for me apart from the scene in Eureka's bedroom when she learns about everything.

In conclusion, I do recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy and wants a book to fill some spare time. I'm looking forward to the second part in this series, I just hope it sticks with me a little better than this one did.

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