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Book Blitz! Closed Set by Julia Harlow

Closed Set by Julia Harlow
Publication date: June 15th 2014
Genres: Erotica, Romance

Cassandra Carlson is working on her five-year plan. A professional dancer, she moved to Los Angeles after college to work at her best friend’s Hollywood dance studio. She decides she can put up with the glitterati for the time being until she saves enough to open her own studio back home in Cincinnati.

When soon-to-be A-list British actor, Christopher Edwards, comes to her for dance lessons for his new film, the attraction is instantaneous and intense. Both are young, available and beautiful, but while she finds Hollywood garish and superficial, he’s on the brink of realizing his life’s ambition with no inclination for a serious relationship. Or so he thinks.

Just when their white-hot desire can no longer be denied, a jealous actress targets Cassandra in an insidious scheme, and a powerful studio head poses a formidable threat to them both. Cassandra puts herself in jeopardy in order to protect Christopher, but will she lose him in the process?

Dream Cast for Closed Set  by Julia Harlow

There was never the slightest doubt in my mind who should play the part of Christopher Edwards. It must be Henry Cavill. Swoon-worthy doesn’t begin to cover his gorgeousness.

For Cassandra Carlson, I chose Emilia Clarke. She’s got Cassandra’s blend of sweetness/determination written all over her.

Nick Carlson, Cassandra’s older brother, was also a no-brainer. Chris Hemsworth. I could seriously look at him all day, and he is so Nick.

Brinley Collins, Cassandra’s cool and elegant best bud, was a bit more of a challenge to cast. I almost went with Blake Lively, but Maggie Grace won the part in the end.

Sam Claflin is spot on for Kurt Jordan. He has the perfect evil glint in his eye.

Finally, Malin Akerman was cast as the diabolical psycho Margo Reed. Can’t you just see it!

I love romantic fiction. Any kind of romantic fiction, whether it be historical, contemporary, fantasy, erotic - you name it. What's not to love about a swoon-worthy hero and a spunky heroine plagued by all sorts of conflicts keeping them apart, until it all works out and they live happily ever after? For the most part.
My first book, Closed Set, was published in June 2014. I am currently working on my second book. It definitely has a very swoon-worthy hero and an unforgettable heroine. Stay tuned for more info!
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